A History of Strength and Innovation


Implementing a pension risk-transfer strategy is an important part of a long financial journey. It’s important for plan sponsors to work with an insurance company that has innovative solutions, financial stability, and great follow-up service.

These qualities are evident in Pacific Life’s long and successful history serving the needs of pension plan sponsors. 



A History of Innovation


In seeking ways to meet a broader spectrum of pension risk-transfer situations and needs, Pacific Life has introduced several firsts to the marketplace. We were the first in the United States to convert a Buy-In contract to a Buy-Out contract, and the first to sell a Buy-In contract for a nonqualified supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP). We were also the first to introduce a new concept in de-risking pension plans: Insured Liability Driven Investing (ILDI).

Wherever you are in the life cycle of your defined benefit plan, Pacific Life can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals, even if your plan is underfunded. For defined contribution plans, we offer Pacific Lifetime Income®, an open-ended contract allowing plan sponsors the ability to offer participants a guaranteed lifetime income solution for their retirement needs. Our full line of solutions means we can provide one solution or a strategically customized mix that takes into consideration your plan’s funded status, employee population, financial obligations, long-term perspective, and more.


Experience and Stability


Pacific Life counts more than half of the 100 largest U.S. companies as its clients. We sold our first group pension annuity contract in 1941.

Pacific Life's structure is relatively unique among insurance companies. We are organized under a mutual holding company with policyholders as members. We have no publicly traded stock; we are an independent company that remains focused on long-term strategies, our financial strength, and making decisions that benefit our policyholders and clients. This long-term commitment, combined with Pacific Life's disciplined investment philosophy, provide financial stability even during periods of economic uncertainty.


Organizational Expertise and Commitment


Pacific Life prides itself on providing plan sponsors with outstanding support from beginning to end. We start with a consultative approach to understanding your specific circumstances and identifying an appropriate, customized set of solutions. We have also developed a reputation for exceptional installation and ongoing annuity servicing, so that the process runs smoothly both during and after your pension risk-transfer solution is implemented. Plus, we adhere to strict standards and documented procedures to maintain data integrity and privacy.


Power of Pacific


The bedrock of any pension risk-transfer strategy is the selection of a strong and stable company with the ability to back its financial promises to you and your plan participants. For more than 150 years, individuals and businesses have relied on the strength of Pacific Life to protect their financial security, and today, we continue to maintain strong financial-strength ratings from major independent rating agencies.1  

Before moving forward with a pension risk-transfer provider, consider the following. Has the provider you’re considering shown that they can offer solutions for a wide variety of plan sponsors? Have they brought a consultative and innovative approach to developing the right solutions for each plan sponsor? Have they shown a consistent commitment to the marketplace and demonstrated outstanding service to both plan sponsors and their plan participants? Experience and innovation does matter. Because what every plan sponsor needs is a provider that can be relied on for the long run. 

To speak with Pacific Life about a pension risk-transfer strategy, call us at (877) 536-4382 or email us at GroupAnnuitiesBid@PacificLife.com


1Ratings may change. Click here for more information and our current financial-strength ratings.