Product Comparison 

no background 1 no background 2 Pacific Insured LDI Pacific Secured Buy-In Pacific Trasferred Buy-Out
  Liability settled with insurer    
Contract held as asset in trust  
Insurer bears demographic gain/loss experience relative to assumption (e.g. mortality)  
Does not trigger settlement accounting  
Insurance Premium Calculation Underwritten at individual participant level  
Uses insurer's assumptions and discount curve  
Uses plan-provided cash flows and discount curve    
Interest rate locked in at contract initiation (true for Insured LDI if contract not revoked/amended)  
Insurance Fees One-time lump sum  
Annual basis point fee    
Cash Flows Payments directly to plan participants from insurer    
Payments to plan trust  
Contract Liquidity Revocable at contract value without financial penalties (only Insured LDI allows discretionary revocation)