Pacific Secured Buy-In

A "buy-in" strategy provides plan sponsors with a way to reduce plan volatility through the purchase of a group annuity contract that remains an asset of the plan and that guarantees the plan can pay benefits to retirees, regardless of market performance or plan experience.


Key Features

  • A group annuity insurance contract that guarantees* to make monthly payments to the plan in the actual amount of benefits payable to covered participants
  • All related investment, mortality, and plan experience risk transferred from the plan to Pacific Life
  • The group annuity contract is held as an asset by the plan and Pacific Life provides a periodic statement of the value of the contract
  • The plan sponsor has flexibility on which group of participants to cover under the contract
  • Unlike a buy-out, Pacific Secured Buy-In:
    • Does not reduce the plan’s funded status
    • Does not trigger settlement accounting
  • Can be converted to Pacific Transferred Buy-Out at any time with no additional costs of any kind

*Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.


When to Use

  • To stabilize the plan as an interim step prior to complete or partial plan termination
  • For ongoing plans that want to de-risk yet continue offering the plan on an ongoing basis
  • Can be used by either well-funded or underfunded plans


Strategy in Action 


De-risk the pension plan now, schedule the buy-out later. 

Trying to find a remedy for excessive risk resulted in a portfolio of short-term investments that could not keep up with the plan's growing liabilities. To stabilize the vital signs of their plan and the hospital, they transplanted their risks to Pacific Secured Buy-In.

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Historic manufacturer uses the latest method to de-risk their pension plan. 

There are risks in nonqualified defined benefit plans that are similar to qualified plans. By using Pacific Secured Buy-In, those risks have been mitigated.

“Our client was interested in continuing to solve the risks inherent in its nonqualified defined benefit plan, and Pacific Life offers an excellent solution,” said Jennifer Fabri, Managing Director of the Compensation and Executive Benefit Strategies group of Mesirow Financial.

Read how a wide range of products can be used to help manage the risks. 

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An efficient and effective pension de-risking solution. 

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) knew that they needed to reduce their pension risk, but a full plan termination could take years to execute.

They decided to transfer the pension risk through the Pacific Secured Buy-In group retirement annuity.

"AWWA was pleased to be able to execute a strategy where we could effectively eliminate the financial risks of the plan and solidify our participants’ retirement benefits with a very strong company." Kevin Mann, chief financial officer of AWWA.

The attached press release explains how they were able to stabilize their plan’s funded status. Going forward, when they are ready with all of the rest of their planning, the actual transfer from a buy-in to a buy-out is a simple transaction.

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