Pacific Insured LDI 

Pacific Insured LDI offers a path to stabilizing plan funded status.

See how this strategy helps avoid the bumps of traditional investment strategies to reduce volatility of the plan on the company's financial statements.

Key Features 

  • Guaranteed alternative that fills the investment risk gaps of best-efforts LDI strategies
  • Unique strategy that helps ensure a match between plan asset and liabilities under all market conditions
  • Provides periodic payments to the plan that matches projected benefit payment obligations
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Guaranteed regardless of the performance of the underlying investment portfolio
  • Eliminates tracking error and the need to explain complex investment strategies and results to the plan's investment board
  • Flexible to modify with changes in plan experience and goals
  • May be funded in either Pacific Life’s general account or a separate account.

Pacific Insured LDI is an innovative one-of-a-kind product to stabilize defined benefit plan.

But did you know that Pacific Insured LDI is also flexible? To learn more about Pacific Insured LDI and flexibility, please watch this short video.

When to Use

Plan Status Reason
Fully Funded Plan Fully Funded Plan
Underfunded Plan Enables implementation of a predictable and budgeted contribution strategy to fund the shortfall. Alternatively, facilitates implementation of a dynamic asset allocation strategy for plans choosing to retain some equity risk exposure to help “earn their way” to full funding. Either way, Pacific Insured LDI reduces the risk of dropping below certain target funding levels that could result in benefit limitations or employee notifications.
Frozen Plan Interim de-risking solution until plan is ready to terminate and distribute assets.
Active Plan Ongoing de-risking solution for plans not yet seeking to terminate.
Collective Bargained Plan Ease collective bargaining negotiations by achieving more predictable future pension costs.