Pension Risk-Transfer Solutions

Pacific Life Is a Multi-Solutions Source For Pension Risk-Transfer Needs


CFO "Buys In" to Pension Strategy

See how a CFO saved time, took control, and reduced the risk of his plan.

What is Your Pension Risk Strategy?

A short video introducing the pension risk transfer strategies Pacific Life offers to defined benefit and defined contribution plans.


We understand that no two retirement plans face exactly the same challenges, so we offer a wide range of sophisticated solutions that can be tailored to your needs.


For Defined Benefit Plans



  • Sabilize Your Plan’s Funded Status
  • Reduce Risk and Volatility for Your Plan
  • Remove the Pension Plan Liability from Your Balance Sheet

Pacific Life Solutions

  • Pacific Insured LDI
  • Pacific Secured Buy-In
  • Pacific Transferred Buy-Out


For Defined Contribution Plans



  • Guarantee Lifetime Income for Your 401(k) Plan Participants

Pacific Life Solutions

  • Pacific Lifetime Income


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